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Advertise with Convenience

Forget about brochures and pamphlets etc. Advertise with complete convenience with Deals Around U.

Manage Design with handiness

Easily manage and design your own campaigns with a user-friendly web interface.

Engage with Consumers

Reach the right kind of consumers at the right time and location because LBA allows you to send notifications to your subscribers within your predefined geo-fence.

Prioritize your Target

Specify the start - end date and time of your promotions for maximum control and efficiency.

Control your Consumer Reach

Tap the exact number of consumers you want to reach in a particular campaign by restricting the number of customers you want to deliver your messages to.

Measure your outreach

You can also measure the success and failure of your campaign during the ongoing process of your campaign. If you are not getting the desired results from the currently planned campaign, there is no need to wait for the campaign to end. You control when, where, to whom and how, only LBA!

Package Details!

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  • No Spamming. Low annoyance, High customer satisfaction.
  • Pay per successful SMS delivery.
  • No Monthly renewal charges